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What is pipe coupling and pipe repair clamp?


What is pipe coupling and pipe repair clamp?
Pipe couplings is new type pipe connection device. It combined the advantage of the traditional pipe connector and improved them.  
By using stainless steel and rubber material to make component combination device to achieve the sealing and pressure bearing function, when the fluid flows under pressure in the balance pipe, the pressure inside the pipe body increases, and the pressure applied on the sealing lip also increases. As the pressure on the sealing lip gradually balances, a self tightening sealing effect is achieved. 
It is very convenient to install the pipe coupling without welding. It only needs spanner to complete the installation. The pipe with flexible connection can save the installation time and reduce the weight burden of the pipe in large-scale pipeline engineering.
The pipe repair clamp is a kind of equipment used for repairing pipes. It uses stainless steel and rubber components to make assembly to achieve the sealing and pressure bearing function. During installation, no special treatment is required for the pipe end. As long as the repair clamp is opened to cover the damaged part of the pipe and the bolts on both sides are tightened, the sealing function can be achieved. The pipeline repair clamp can repair pipe under pressure. The installation time is only 3-5 minutes, and the loss caused by leakage can be recovered as soon as possible.
The pipe coupling and repair clamp can be widely used in petroleum, gas, ship, water, chemical industry and other industries. Compared with the traditional connection and repair device, the pipe coupling and repair clamp has a wider application field, especially for the high pressure and high temperature industries, the special rubber ring material and pressure bearing design can effectively extend the service life and avoid the trouble of frequent replacement.