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What are the advantages of GRIP type pipe coupling compared with traditional pipe connector


What are the advantages of GRIP type pipe coupling compared with traditional pipe connector
The grip type pipe coupling is used to connect two pipes quickly. Compared with the flange and welding repair method, the pipe coupling repair clamps not only saves the space, time and capital required by the flange and welding, but also fully guarantees their quality. They are gradually replacing some traditional pipe technology, and are widely used in all filed. It can replace the traditional welding, flange, pipe hoop, short connection and other connections without special treatment of the end of the pipe.
Compare to the traditional connection method, the pipe connector has the following advantages :
1. Reduce pipeline weight in large pipeline system.
2. Shorten the construction time and improve the installation efficiency.
3. Be able to work in harsh environment (such as narrow space).
4. The installation is simple, without professional personnel and special tools.
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